Brake Repair – Please Do Not Hesitate!

When it comes to the safe operation of a vehicle, there are many repairs that the vehicle owner can do without that will not compromise the overall safety of the car. However, the brake system is the most important safety mechanism in any car because there is no other way to quickly stop a 2,000 pound vehicle. Although the system is built to last for quite some time, there are certain components that will need to be replaced. However, with the proper planning an maintenance, brake repair does not have to be so expensive…


Most of the components of the braking system are designed to last for the entire life of the vehicle. Parts such as the disk brake, drum, lines, and callipers are made of sturdy metal materials that can withstand the constant pressure and friction needed to stop the vehicle. However, the brake pads, which are situated between the callipers and the disks, are made of organic or fibrous material that will eventually wear down over time. Interestingly, the brake pads are the main component of the braking system that causes the vehicle to stop. This is because when one applies the brake pedal, the callipers clamp down on the brake pads, creating the friction on the rotors that causes the wheels to stop. Needless to say, this friction eventually causes the brake pads to wear thin over time. Fortunately, the brake pads come equipped with a metal indicator tab, which becomes exposed when the pads have worn thin. As a result, this metal tab will run against the metal of the rotors, creating a squealing sound whenever brakes are applied. As a responsible vehicle owner, it is important to take the car to an auto mechanic for brake repair when it has become apparent that the brake pads have worn thin.

This squealing sound is not the first indication that it might be time to have the vehicle serviced for brake repair. For instance, as the pads become thin, it will be more difficult to stop the vehicle, once the brakes are applied. This is the best time to have the car serviced for brake repair. This is because if the indicator tab is allowed to rub against the rotors for too long, there could be significant damage to disk brakes. Changing the brake pads is very affordable. However, when the rotors become scratched and worn from the friction of the metal to metal contact, the rotors will need to be replaced; this is when brake repair can become very expensive.

Do not hesitate to get brake repairs as soon as possible. The consequences of waiting too long for these repairs can not only be expensive, but tragic.

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